Tabby kittens are a cute and cuddly breed of cat that come in many different sizes and have a variety of different colors. One trait that tabby kittens have in come is the “m” shaped mark on their forehead. Also, the shape and colors of their eyes can depend on the breed of the cat. Tabby cats can have brown, grey, silver or orange coats. However, there are certain repetitive patterns in the appearances of tabby cats that can be found. For example, tabby cats with brown coats tend to have green eyes. They also have white swirls and stripes on their coats. Other tabby cats have stripes that are similar to a tiger’s stripes. Some tabby cats have distinctive markings that are shaped like fish bones. And there are tabby cats that have spots on their fur. Tabby cats have very unique and varied appearances. But while their appearances are greatly varied, there are certain behavior traits that can be found in all tabby cats.

Tabby cats are thought to be very similar to dogs in behavior. They are very playful and show affection often. This is the opposite of the less friendly behavior that most cats are associated with. Tabby kittens behavior involves a lot of playing around. They usually become attached to a particular person in the household. Most of the time it will be the person who is involved with them the most during their everyday routines. Tabby kittens’ personality is very gentle. They really enjoy getting personal attention. They also enjoy sharing the bed with their owners. The tabby kittens’ personality is very friendly and joyful. Also, tabby kittens enjoy going out several times in one day, or they just prefer to sit in their favorite spot (usually in a corner) and eat their favorite cat food. Tabby cats enjoy being doted on.

Tabby cats also share other personality traits with other cats. There are times during which they can be fussy contrary to their usual joyful demeanor. It is thought tabby cats with certain patterns on their fur have particular personality trait. Tabby kittens’ behavior may actually depend on its appearance. For example, cats that are black or white are believed to be friendly towards people and have a friendlier disposition. Other types of tabby cats prefer to spend time alone, while others like personal attention all the time. Some tabby kittens will have reactions to small matters, while others don’t express emotions at all.

Some tabby cats prefer to have their own private space and not to be bothered at all. Tabby kitten’s behavior can differ as much as the personalities of humans. Each cat will act different. Make sure to respect the cat’s wishes and make accommodations for its personality. A cat will be at its happiest when its owner knows it and respects it.

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