casandraOpposite to common belief, tabby cats are not a breed of cat, but a pattern that appears in the fur of many breeds. There are different colors of tabby cat that range from brown, grey, white, silver, to orange. Tabby cats have a distinctive m-shaped pattern on their foreheads. Tabby cats have a variety of patterns on their coats, including stripes, swirls, and spots. Tabby cats are known to be a friendly type of cat, showing affection behavior that is more commonly attributed to dogs. They are a favorite amongst cat owners because of their friendly nature. Orange tabby cats are a type of tabby cat that have coats that range from red and cream to bright orange in color. They are also sometimes called the marmalade or ginger cat.

Orange tabby kittens are more likely to be male than female. The ration of male to female is eighty to twenty. This is because the gene for a red coat is only carried on the X chromosome; therefore, males only need one to be a male orange tabby cat, while females need two. Orange tabby cats have several distinct patterns. These include the mackerel, classic, ticked, and spotted. The mackerel tabby has tiger-like stripes, while the classic tabby has swirls with a bull’s eye shape in the middle; the ticked tabby has flecks across its fur while the spotted has spots. Orange tabby kittens tend to have black freckles on their noses. One extremely popular orange tabby cat is the sarcastic lasagna-eating tabby from the famous newspaper strip and cartoons, Garfield. Orange tabbies also gained some popularity from the mascot cat of the popular brand of Nine Lives cat food. Orange tabbies are quite popular amongst cat lovers. cat-wallpaper_46

Care of the orange tabby cat will depend on its personality. Most orange tabbies tend to have caring and affectionate personalities, but of course, this will differ with each cat. Some orange tabbies may be difficult to deal with and have fussy personalities, while others will be extremely gentle and docile. That being said, the orange tabby is amongst the more intelligent types of cats. Some people believe that the orange color of this tabby cat lends to its personality, assuming that it will be fierier and less gentle. That may or may not be true, as there is little evidence to support that the color of a cats coat will determine its personality. Nonetheless, the care of the orange tabby cat will not be any more difficult than the care of any other type of cat.

These cats have greatly varied personalities and they have certain traits that other types of cats don’t have. The important thing is to accept the cat for who it is and give it the utmost attention and affection it needs—or let it have its space if it prefers to be alone. These cats are beloved because of their bright, fiery coats. They are also great companions to have if you are a cat and animal lover.